'Looks like your account was used on a different device earlier'

I own two iPads, and I use Shapr3d on both of them, not at the same time, but on the same day usually. Every time I open Shapr3D on a new one, it displays the error message, and I have to re-login.

What is the reasoning behind that behavior? Why can I use Shapr3D on Mac and iPad simultaneously, but not on two iPads? It is still just me, one person with the same AppleID.

Also, it seems that App store guidelines clearly state that if I own an app or a subscription, it should be available on all of my devices.

I propose to make these restrictions softer so that they will not irritate normal users.

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The philosphy we follow here is that for one user we allow to use Shapr3D on a mobile and a desktop device simultaneously. Same for Windows. The subscriptions are available on all of your devices, but not simultaneously. This will be even stronger enforced once we will have data synchronization implemented to avoid conflicts. We can improve the sign in flow though to make it easier to sign in again.

I do really appreciate your answer, Istvan. Why should there be re-login every time? Maybe this may only be shown if shapr3d opened on two devices simultaneously?

We can improve the sign in flow though to make it easier to sign in again.

That would be great as well — so that at least 1Password would know which username/password to propose, right now I have to search for Shapr3D login manually.

Yes that’s a fair point, we will definitely need to improve this flow. 99.9% of our customers are using Shapr3D on a single iPad or mac or both, it’s rare that someone is using two iPads. But we will have to improve this flow anyway.

Istvan, I use two different iPads, so I don’t have to travel with them between work locations. FaceID within the app would be awesome! One iPad is in the shop area, which is dusty, saw dust, etc., whereas I keep the other one in pristine condition at my home.

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99.9899% then :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


With Atom3D I have to go to their website and de-register/remove a machine and then add a the other machine. I will never ever, EVER give them another dollar of mine(.)

Hello everyone! We just upgraded over here to a 12.9 pro from a 7th gen iPad and planned also to keep the older one in the shop and the new one as dust free as possible

I haven’t yet logged out and tried the 12.9 before backing up for fear of data loss. It reads like this hasn’t been much of an issue, though!

For what it’s worth, having access on two mobile devices would be helpful and maybe a MacBook would have been a better investment than another iPad, for that reason

Super excited to try this out, love the software and appreciate the forum a lot! You guys all rock!

There is an app for windows ? I’ve been using Blender for the last 6 months till 2 weeks ago when I discovered this app for my iPad Pro. I’d love to be able to use it on my PC too.

Very soon: shapr3d.com/windows :slight_smile:


thank you, I’ve signed up to the beta, I put company as hobbyist as I use the software to make 3D models for 3D printing on my FDM printer.

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I’m the same, I have my old iPad Pro fir dirty areas, new one for in the office. I stopped swapping because of the log in hassle.

It needs to be addressed.