Issue with IPad


I used last year Shapr on my IPad and tried there the pro trail. After that I deleted the app. For two weeks I installed it again on my IPad and started to plan something. As I was finished with drawing, I wanted to check it on my Windows PC. So I installed Shapr at my desktop, logged in with my Mail (same as Apple ID and also the same shown in the shapr app on my IPad) but the desing was not imported. Of course, I sent it to the cloud via the IPad. I’ve read something about this issue and I should log out and log in again. I did it on both (IPad and Windows) but now my design is nether on Windows nor at my IPad. So the drawing seems completely lost even I uploaded it to the cloud?!

Could you have possibly installed two different versions on the machines? I mean the parametric beta on one and the normal version of Shapr3D on the other? Check and make sure the versions are the same in both pieces of software. The designs are not shared between the two different versions.

Thx for your answer. The version is the same. And I don‘t even have the desings on my ipad after the logout. It seems there are two accounts, one made with any kind of apple ID and one created by my self. Unfortunally I can‘t find out the log in fron the apple one creates.

Probably you either signed in with a different email, or disabled the cloud, or deleted your account. Please contact our support team directly, they can help you with account related issues.

Is there a topic here that explains the difference versions. I am on the beta for both versions but I never read what the differences are except that one has the history function. And now the history function is LIVE.Are the 2 versions going to be merged together?

The history function is only live for some people in the release version. I still don’t have it, so I’m still using the beta. History changes a lot of things and you have to adjust to the mindset to take full advantage of it. For example, sketches in the same plane are not automatically merged. The main reason for that is to allow operations like body or face projections to that plane. Since the body didn’t exist when the first sketch for that plane was created, you can’t have a projection of that body onto that sketch.