Is there a max file size for a shapr design?

Just curious if there are any hard maximum limits of any kind. My current design is around 100mb and was just curious what would be considered large.


I have tried 160 mb and the App crashes during opening
130 mb still safe for me
The current solution is to split your project in smaller parts

File size does not mean much. Even very small files can contain very complex geometry sometimes, while simple geometry can generate big files. A better way to approach the question is how many faces/bodies can Shapr3D load, and the answer is that quite a lot. We’ve successfully imported and edited bigger assemblies, with thousands of bodies. But again, the geometry matters a lot, and your iPad too. Eg. if you have thousands of screws where all the threads are modeled out (which is not a great idea, unless you are modeling for 3D printing), you may have issues. Also on the lates iPad Pro, everything will be 10x+ faster than on the first iPad Pro.

Cool good to know! So far I am amazed by the performance and stability of Shapr, awesome software. :smile:

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