Is there a max file size for a shapr design?

Just curious if there are any hard maximum limits of any kind. My current design is around 100mb and was just curious what would be considered large.


I have tried 160 mb and the App crashes during opening
130 mb still safe for me
The current solution is to split your project in smaller parts

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File size does not mean much. Even very small files can contain very complex geometry sometimes, while simple geometry can generate big files. A better way to approach the question is how many faces/bodies can Shapr3D load, and the answer is that quite a lot. We’ve successfully imported and edited bigger assemblies, with thousands of bodies. But again, the geometry matters a lot, and your iPad too. Eg. if you have thousands of screws where all the threads are modeled out (which is not a great idea, unless you are modeling for 3D printing), you may have issues. Also on the lates iPad Pro, everything will be 10x+ faster than on the first iPad Pro.

Cool good to know! So far I am amazed by the performance and stability of Shapr, awesome software. :smile:

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I am okay so far, but am afraid as my file size gets bigger because I hear there are crashes.
It would be good to know approximate file size or number of bodies that shapr3d can handle for 1 project.
It will also be good if the app does not shut down, but rather get slower and heavier so that I can estimate when to look for alternatives such as group multiple parts as one, etc.
It will be good to let us know tricks to keep a project efficient in detail as well
Thank you, so far I am enjoying a lot.

It’s really not depending on file size unfortunately. The limitation is usually the iPad’s memory, and even small files can become very big after loading and vica versa. In 2021/Q1 and Q2 we will work a lot on optimizing for larger designs, so these problems should be gone. We are seeing that more and more of our users are making really big things in Shapr3D.

I always make duplicates for my very large files to make sure I have a backup when I can not open the file anymore. It would be great if shapr would provide some sort of backup when a file gets corrupted.

I have an iPad Pro 2018 and have files with over 1600 bodies, around 500mb bigger then that gets problematic most of the time. I then simplify complex geometries and try to merge objects where possible

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I am so glad to hear that you guys are working on it!
Meanwhile, I would like to ask,

  • You can count number of bodies? If it is possible, how?
  • Will it help to use Union to unify bodies or maybe just Grouping will help?
  • Lastly, is “Tesselating” when i start up, meaning that the project is getting large?

Apologize for asking too many, but organizing layers and keeping structure of project simple would be helping anyway, so I wonder.

Backing up each time is nice idea, and I am currently doing it

The number of selected bodies is displayed in the bottom. If all of your bodies are in the same folder, selecting it should show the number.

No, unfortunately not.

No. Tessellating however is slower when you have more geometry. Tessellation is the process of generating triangles for rendering from the b-rep model.