Sketch inference engine

I’m having quite a hard time sketching. I know how to make lines and such, but it seems like the inference engine is making very unintuitive guesses.

For example, if I draw a line straight up and down, then try to draw a line starting midway alone the line, I’m unable to make it come out perpendicular. Rather it skews off at an odd angle and I have to go in and put constraints on it to make it horizontal or vertical. I think this is because though the “magnet” (snap to grid) doesn’t snap the start of the line to the intersection of the grid and line, it snaps it to the grid at the end of the line. As a result, the line is never straight.

Drawing an arc tangent to a line is even harder. This is because the engine is set to move the intersection point to some mid-place, rather than changing the arc’s center point or radius to match the point where it was at. Getting it to be tangent without having that mid-point move is a test in learning constraints and all this significantly slows my drawing down.

A final oddity is in zooming my sketch drawing to a good starting point. What I tried to do was click the view to “front” and then zoom in to a place that would be good for my drawing. However, as I zoom in, the drawing cocks side-to-side and won’t snap in to being straight up and down. Finally, after struggling over that and just releasing my fingers, voila, it pops to straight up and down.

Is this all as intended?

BTW, I made a screen capture video but can’t seem to upload it on this forum.

Hi - would you be able to send the video to It would be a big help :slight_smile: