How to close a sketch

I just started learning Shapr3D, why is it that my sketch isn’t closed as in the tutoríals? How do I close a sketch?

Hello - they are probably closed. Some of the tutorials are a bit outdated (like the beginners course). Closed sketches are not colored blue anymore in 2D view. We are in the middle of updating them.

You can already watch the new Beginner’s course on YouTube. Here is the one about sketching:

Hope this helps

Thank you. I’ll see that, but sketch isn’t closed, if I don’t select all lines elements of the drawing move or scale separately

Snap them together, and create constraints. Snapping works if you grab a point and move it over another point - it will snap and stay together.

Can you show me an example, where you experience the lack of closed sketches?

If I change dimension of one line it doesn’t change the rest of the sketch as in the tutorial

Can you please link the tutorial, and include a picture of what you see. It would help a lot

Thank you. Not sure how to do that. My time is up for today. I’ll see about it tomorrow.

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