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I can’t adjust the angel between line A and B. It is locked.
It seems I have to unlock all dimensions,otherwise it won’t allow me to adjust.
Am I wrong about the sketch procedures? It worked before 3.0

Another issue is the locked dots. It is a nightmare when you review a sophisticated sketch which hundreds of black dots. Can I read the figures Without dots?

By the way,what is the magnet thing on the bottom? Thank you

I tried adjusting the angle between A and B and it works perfectly for me. Can you share a video what is happening for you?

Magnet: you can turn snapping to the grid ON/OFF with this button.

Magnet ON: the end of the line (arc, curve) will snap to the grid.

Magnet OFF: the end of a the line (arc, curve) will NOT snap to the grid. It can be helpful when you sketch over an image (trace).

Currently there’s no option to hide the black dots. You have to manually unlock them.

The magnet is good.
Yellow circle could help to solve the issue. But I don’t see the connection between angle and locked length. Why I can’t change angle with locked length?

Happy Friday !
I can’t watch the uploaded vedio T。T

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Hi Lue,

I see. That’s a stupid bug, thanks for reporting. We’ll fix it.

I am already testing the next version (Shapr3D 3.0.1). This problem is fixed now. The new release should go live in a few days. Make sure to update when it’s released!

Big fan! Cheers

I love it. Blessing