Angle between two sketch lines


Is there no option anymore to set a specific angle between two sketch lines?

I’m following the tutorial series of Product Design Online.
( Day #3: 3D Printable Print-In-Place Hinged Box - Learn Shapr3D in 10 Days for Beginners)

The tutorial is a bit older so maybe the whole option to set angles is gone now?

This behavior has not changed for years. Just select two lines and set the angle.

Argh! While recording a video to show what didn’t work I figured it out… I was on the body and not the sketch. Once I selected the line within the sketch it’s working as intended.

Nevermind! :face_with_peeking_eye:

Hi, I am following along with the same youtube lesson and am having the same issue. Any chance you could elaborate on what you ended up doing? I’m not sure I fully understand the difference between (or knowing) if I’m selecting part of a sketch or a body…


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I am having the same issue. I can get it to work if I draw a new line but if I select the existing line, it does not work. I am not selecting the body. I am selecting the line.

Can you share a video?

I tried but I got an error saying “New users cannot upload attachments”

To reproduce:
Draw rectangle
Select a side of the box and select Sketch
Line tool - create a line starting on edge of box. Deselect line tool and select line that is edge of box and the line you just drew. No angle.

It works correctly if I draw a new line. The draw another line by clicking and starting the line anywhere on the new line you just drew. You will see the angle the and you can specify the angle you want.

That’s probably because since we released parametric modeling, a sketches on the same plane won’t be merged automatically. You need to select the old sketch to tell Shapr3D that you want to add the new line to the same sketch.

if i create a sketch on XY plane 0 Z axis. Exit sketch. Extrude it. Turn view to view the front of cube. select front surface and start sketch. If I draw a line from the edge of the cube, I can see the angle at the bottom of the screen. So you are saying that there is no way of defining that angle, correct? Since i extruded the cube and am trying to draw a line from a side of the cube that I extruded, that surface does not belong to a sketch.

Sketches can be defined between sketch elements that are in the same sketch. You can always project a sketch element from one sketch to another, and use that to add constraints.

I didn’t know you could project a sketch element onto another sketch like that. That worked. Thanks!