Sketch plane separation

In this video you can see when I add a sketch over another hidden sketch it marries the two together.

How do I make a new sketch over a hidden sketch without it merging/reappearing. This is an issue I keep running into. I feel if another sketch is hidden a new one should be its own thing and separate yeah?

Sketches can only be kept separate by being on different Planes.
This is two Planes 0.001mm apart:

These are the Planes shown separately by Hiding the appropriate Plane:

That seems like an odd design flaw/choice yeah? If I hide it from view it should create a new sketch plane because the other is not visible, not unhide it and attach them together.

Can I request that as a feature/suggestion down the line? It would make the workflow way easier for everyone I would think.

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A hidden Sketch simply reappears if you start Sketching again on the same Plane.
If you need to keep your Sketches separate you must ensure that they are on separate Planes
Separate Planes can be on any of the 3 Main Planes X-Y; Y-Z; Z-X: and Offset as required.
If you are able to explain what you need to achieve by having separate Sketches it would probably assist understanding your situation?
Like you I am a Member, with no sway over how things work or can be made to work within S3D.

Right I got all that.

At this point I don’t need anything, except an answer by an employee why it behaves this way and if it can be fixed or altered.

Hi, it’s correct that sketches can not be sorted into folders like bodies as they are auto-sorted based on the plane and this can not be altered currently.