Sketch With Complicated Path Not Filling

I wanted to play with the new image import feature so I took a picture of this wooden name tag that was cut with a band saw. I just drew spline all the way around making a pretty complicated path. The issue is that now that the path seems completed, I’m not seeing it fill in. I’ve manually examined all of the points to make sure they’re connected, but this is pretty tedious. Any way to simplify finding the missing connection? Or is there potentially something else causing it not to fill?


Unfortunately you have to do it manually. If you “slice” the sketch with a line with to two separate parts, only the disconnected part won’t be filled, this way you should be able to quickly find it.

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Btw it might worth considering to use much less control points. Most parts of the image could be traced much easier with less control points.

Here’s visually what the others were referring to.

Problem: you have a sketch but no sketch filling presents (blue area). It is caused by the imperfection of your sketch.

Here’s how to fix it step by step:

  1. Draw a few crossing lines and you’ll see where the sketch filling fails.

  1. Where you see no filling, the control points are not overlapping. You have to connect them.

  1. Zoom in and you’ll see that some points are not connected, you just can’t see it from far away.

+1) Once you connect the points (make them overlap), the sketch filling will be there.

The problem was most probably caused by you picking up the pencil and starting another spline (like when you move the canvas a little bit with your hand).

You thought you were starting exactly where you ended the last spline, but in fact you didn’t.

Hope is helps. And again, as Istvan mentioned, you can do this tracing with much less control points.

If you upload the “Matt” picture itself here as a reply, I will do a short video on how to trace with far less points than you have. Less points will result in less human error. :slight_smile:


Perfect! That worked great for finding it. I was able to track it down very quickly using this technique. Thanks!

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Thanks. That did it. Also, I’ll look at removing some control points now and see if I can get decent results without as many. Seems like the app performance degrades a little as well once you start getting a lot of control points. It was mostly fine, but I found it had a little lag after a while.