Sketchup Like object snapping

When making a line or object that is parallel to another object, snapping would occur to bring the parallel object inline. Also one could extrude an object along an axis and point at another object, and it would extrude to the dimensions of the other object.

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Much faster modelling time and eliminate errors in model.

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in snapping tool box, include snap to object, or line. when drawing an object with parallel features i can create a new part that is aligned to another part or feature.

What can’t you achieve without this feature?

with this feature my work flow would be faster and i would make less errors.

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Hi @pjb108 , extrusion snapping is coming with the release of History-Based modeling later this year. Sketches already have a quite advanced snappig system, check out the tutorials or the manual. For positioning objects relatively to each other, try the Align tool.


Thanks for the quick reply istvan! Loving the software

I think they are working on a: extrude up to feature. I miss this so much

Parametric beta feedback/request - sketch snapping —-What about sketch #2 referencing sketch#1? When will this be available? I am unable to do this even when sketch #1 and #2 are on the same plane. The obvious workaround is to use edge I guess.

The most obvious way to solve this is to have both sketches in the same sketch. Option B is to project sketch1 to sketch2.