Snapping with extrusion tool

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Hey there,
is there a way to snap/align with while doing extrusions?
Cheers and thanks

Hi! Snapping between bodies while extruding is currently not possible, but you can always refine the distance between faces with the Replace Face tool:

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Thanks, Peter!!

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The extrude function works well, but a snapping function would make it perfect. The ability to snap to an edge, mid point or planar surface. I would love to see this in an update.


When you say currently not possible is there a possibility it might someday be possible?

We should never say never :wink:

It would be a big time saver if we could use nearby planes to set the direction of the extrusion, like third cube in the picture (attached)

I see, and these are two additional changes. One is the direction of the extrusion, which is in the third case not perpendicular to the extruded cross-section and the second is the Extrude To option. Did I get your idea?

If you wish to extrude a cross-section non-perpendicular to the normal of it, you can use the sweep tool, it needs the same reference - a direction vector - as the Extrude Along option

In my image the cube in the middle was just to show that, typically, an angled plane extrudes perpendicular to that plane. The ‘Extrude to’ option was suggested by other users. The Sweep tool is nice but I don’t always have a sketch line available. It would save time if we could get direction from existing planes or edges , similar to how it can be done with the Move tool.

Thanks for your time

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Wow! I’ve used ‘replace face’ on many occasion but I didn’t know you could use it this way. I’ve learned something new today. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Is this already possible?
Cause I’m just starting on Shapr3d and this is the first (big) problem that I struggling with. Looks obligatory to me otherwise it will cost an amazing amount of time to get your model right.

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Hi @Lugtigheid,
It is possible but with the Replace Face tool only. We don’t have Extrude To option yet.

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Not that this will cover all circumstances but I often use translate. Select a face to extrude, choose the translate tool and drag between the selected face and the face/edge of the object you want to aline with.

Hope that helps (if I’ve understood correctly).