Trying to create a perpendicular helical slot

Hi folks…
I am trying to make a nurf Gatling gun and I am lost on how to create the slot/track the breach rams need to follow. The slot is not a thread. Its a sine wave up and down like a fishing line bobbin winder. I can’t get the correct helical shape using revolve. This is more like a cam follower slot.
I attached a image of what I am trying to do. I can not find a method to keep the bottom and top of the slot perpendicular to the Z plane, Sweeping doesn’t work because Shapr3D does not rotate the selected profile as it follows the path. It’s hard to explain. I hope someone can understand this and help.
I am attaching another image of what a milled slot would look like. This is the profile I am trying to achieve.

Here is a way to make a perpendicular slot using Project. Hope this helps.


You really know your stuff!
Thank you!!