Snap faces together

I have a component and a location pin. The pin is at a compound angle to the component face. Can I bring face of the component and the flat end of the pin together, parallel in one easy move?

Laborious having to try and orientate the parts in stages.

Thanks and regards Richard.

Hello, can you attach a screenshot showing these faces and what you will like to achieve? This will help everyone better understand your request in order to proffer great suggestions. You can also try using Translate to see if that works as explained in the tutorial video below:

Imagine in the video that the coffee table top is at two angles to the coffee table but you want to snap it flat and parallel to the table.

I would like to be able to the top face of the Blue cylinder to the Green face above?

I missed out the word Snap

Use the Transform tool to orient and reposition.


Use the Transform tool to orient and then reposition using Translate.

No magic required here…



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I think there is more to it than a mere translate. The cylinder is at a compound angle relative to the green surface. The cylinder first needs to be rotated so it’s surface is parallel (flush, zero degrees) with the green surface. Then by all means use the translate tool to move the cylinder to green surface where needed. (I think that is what you meant, Tommy.)



Yes, TigerMike; that’s what I meant by orient. Agree with your analysis but still believe this is neither magic or rocket science.



I agree whole heartedly. I didn’t mean to come across in a negative way. Look me up if you are ever in the vicinity of Torrance.
Have a nice Memorial weekend!


Thanks gents. I did that, but it’s long winded. I put a plane in through the object. Measured it’s angle to the the Green surface. Repeated as it’s a compound angle. Rocket science no. Long winded yes.

Thanks Mike. That’s how I did it.

Who said anything about magic? A way of bringing both faces parallel more simply would be a great improvement one day. :blush::blush::blush:

It would - made the note. Alignment is not on our immediate roadmap, but will get to it eventually. Thanks @TigerMike for the help

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I would call it mate faces. Really need it. Why not develop macro tools with compound basic operations, many complex important functions will emerge.

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