Snapping Model to Axis Origins

I don’t understand and it doesn’t seem to be a feature in the Move/Rotate tool of how to move a mesh model’s outer dimension or mesh surface to coincide with an axis origin.

For instance, if I have the bottom surface of a mesh, and I want to center the model on the Z-axis and set the bottom of the surface on the X-axis and Y-axis there is no way to constrain the movement of the model to only the Z-axis and move the bottom most surface of a model to the Z=0 point while keeping the center of the model on the X=0 and Y=0.

I should be able to export models where Z>=0 and X and Y centered, but find myself not being able to snap the bottom-most surface of a mesh to the Z=0 axis origin. I have to “eye-ball” and zoom in as much as possible and move the mesh manually, and it is never truly placed where Z=0.

If there is a method function that does this, please try it for yourself using an imported mesh model (not a sketch). I’m not talking about a method that results in an approximation of placement, but exact.

All positioning in Shapr3D is relative. There is no absolute origin.


Thanks for the info.