Origin snapping

I have a suggestion for an additional feature that would add functionality to the program without increasing complexity.

When you use the move tool the origin point in the tool could function as a snap point, this would allow the move tool to gain the ability to become a very simple and effective “align tool”. You could for instance snap the origin of a model to the XYZ origin, or use it to snap the origin point to other faces edges or vertexes.

If a designer does not want the snap functionality activated for some reason they could hold down command to temporary disable the snap functionality.

Sketch up has some variation on this idea and it works well for them and I don’t see why it wouldn’t work here too. Honestly if implemented well you could remove the align tool altogether as it would be redundant.

If this seems complex (I assure you that is not) I have merely failed to explain the concept well using words. If you need a better explanation I am very happy to upload I video that might explain the concept better visually. In fact this solution seems so intuitive to me that I was surprised to learn the origin point did something different than what I had expected and had to look it up on YouTube to find out what was happening.