Some features request


  1. You CAN import files already! STEP and IGES are supported. :slight_smile: You may find some interesting information about the supported file formats here: Explanation of export/import formats supported by Shapr3D

  2. Assemblies? Yes, that’s quite often requested, and that’s going to be the next big step in the life of Shapr. Assemblies, components, etc.

  3. When you select transform, you can simply select a shape and move it with arrows. What else would you need? Alignment tools maybe?

  4. Not sure I get it. Do you want to move edges/vertices?

  5. Wow, that’s actually really interesting and I would be very happy to hear more about this. Do you use Shapr with your team? Co-editing would be a HUGE feature, but maybe in the future we could go in that direction, who knows.


  1. That’s interesting. What happened when you tried to create a new workspace? Really weird. We will look into this.
  2. Yes, these are known issues :frowning: We are working on these, but fixing these problems will actually require to completely reimplement the loft and sweep algorithms, and that will take some time. Loft will be easier, we might going to do it in the next few months. But actually whenever you find a crashing loft/sweep, if you could share those files with us (via email for example,, we will do our best to provide a fix ASAP. Indeed we handle your files confidentially, and will never share them with a 3rd party.