Some features request


I use shapr3d for a quite while, and feel really straight forward especially when I need to create something new.

But here are some features that I feel missing right now :

  1. file import (from cad, ex : stl)
  2. Simulate working, like I have 2 gears, I wanna test does it work smooth when I put them together.
  3. Easier to move object. For now, I need to use Transform and Translate to move object, but I think there should has an easier way, like a button or tab on object twice and hold to move objet…
  4. Pull to transform object. I sometime want to pull object higher or lower via one point on surface, just like the feature “sharpen” or “smudge”.
  5. co edit with team

Here are some bug that I have experiences :

  1. Not able to add new working space. this bug happened at first time, after I delete all workspaces and recreate, it fixed.
  2. App crash during Loft or Sweep. perhaps too complex to loft?


  1. You CAN import files already! STEP and IGES are supported. :slight_smile: You may find some interesting information about the supported file formats here: Explanation of export/import formats supported by Shapr3D

  2. Assemblies? Yes, that’s quite often requested, and that’s going to be the next big step in the life of Shapr. Assemblies, components, etc.

  3. When you select transform, you can simply select a shape and move it with arrows. What else would you need? Alignment tools maybe?

  4. Not sure I get it. Do you want to move edges/vertices?

  5. Wow, that’s actually really interesting and I would be very happy to hear more about this. Do you use Shapr with your team? Co-editing would be a HUGE feature, but maybe in the future we could go in that direction, who knows.


  1. That’s interesting. What happened when you tried to create a new workspace? Really weird. We will look into this.
  2. Yes, these are known issues :frowning: We are working on these, but fixing these problems will actually require to completely reimplement the loft and sweep algorithms, and that will take some time. Loft will be easier, we might going to do it in the next few months. But actually whenever you find a crashing loft/sweep, if you could share those files with us (via email for example,, we will do our best to provide a fix ASAP. Indeed we handle your files confidentially, and will never share them with a 3rd party.
  1. Not sure am I on the same track, but I don’t see update from appstore, nor import option/button/anything from app.

  2. thanks.

  3. after some playing around, I figure out a faster way to move, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

  4. I meant the feature that similar but more advance as current press&pull function.
    Sorry for new to 3d, not sure how people use in 3d world.
    But I may want something like this : (4:17)
    That may be useful when I want create something like this :
    After some playing around, I think free transform is the closest one feature as I wanted.
    But sorry for noob, still doesn’t know how to use it to shape a Pyramid

  5. My coworker saw me using shapr3d and asking that.

Bugs :

  1. That no longer happen, but as I recall, I clicked on + button, and nothing happened.
  2. ok.

Because there is no button for importing in the app (there will be in the next release). To import a file, open it in a cloud or email app, press the share button, and select Shapr from the options.

Edge/vertex moving: yes that’s possible with mesh modelers, but Shapr is a so called solid modeler, thus the basic operations are different. However we may have something that could be somewhat similar to that funcionality, but currently it is very experimental and would require weeks/months of development to make it work.

That co edit feature number 5 would be really fun now that we are synchronising over the net. Would be much nicer than the import/export game.

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