Some help please

Hey there,

Creating that arch on top of a gate for a client. It’s made of steel flat bar coming from de wood post.
I cannot find a way to build the 2” flat bar (3/8”) on top of that arch as rafters (in red in pics). Also I would need a way to have them let’s say 4” appart and it would be nice to have a tool to add points on drawing or edges.


If your main arc is circle segment, do this. Sketch a 4" radius circle at the center of the mid point rafter. Draw a line starting where the arc and 4" circle meet and make the line tangent to the arc (red highlight). Draw a vertical line and make it perpendicular to the line segment (yellow highlight). The angle (green highlight) as shown in my example is 4.563°. You can now copy-rotate the rafter at that angle relative to the center of the main arc. Does this work for you?

Silly me. An easier way is to draw a line from the intersection of the arc and 4" circle to the arc center. Same angle… 4.563°.


Thank you for the help it worked.