Some Surfaces from STEP File Disappear in Visualization and USDZ Export

Hello! I’m a new user, so I can’t upload an example, but I imported a STEP file and want to export a USDZ that I can manipulate in a Video Project. Some of the surfaces were missing in my USDZ exports, and the same surfaces are missing even in the visualization. When in the normal edit interface, I can’t seem to notice any difference between a surface that disappears and one that doesn’t.

I assume this is something simple, but I’ve searched for answers and found none. Any help is appreciated! I can’t upload files, but I put the example on YouTube if it’s helpful:


Could you please contact our support team through ? The file itself would help a lot, so please attach it to the ticket if possible.

Thanks, we have received the workspace. The model has missing faces on the inside which can be the result of an inaccurate model or some issues with the STEP export flow. As a result of those missing faces, the model cannot be shown properly in the Visualization tool either.

Let me share a short video where I tried to highlight the adjacent faces of the missing ones:

The fastest solution can be re-exporting the file from the software where it was originally made, or repairing it in a surface modeling tool. The latter could be pretty much time-consuming.
If the original file was made in a software that runs on Parasolid, please give the X_T format a try as it does not need any conversion during file transfers to Shapr3D.