Something BIG is coming, and we can't wait to share it with you


Count me in


May I also?


Count me in :innocent:


count me in.


Count me in


Count me in - working in architecture and fashion. JH


Count me in! :smile:


Count me in! Thanks


Count me in!


Count me in


Count me in.


Count me in.


Same here, count me in.


Where can I sign up!? :grimacing:


With a new iPad Pro on order for use with Shapr3D, I’m now waiting for the news! Hope it’s soon. :slight_smile:


Is it only the beta version that is soon to be released or the general release (I’m not sure if that is the correct term)? Do you expect the general release to occur very soon?


I would be happy to assist. I’ve only just found this app but as head of an engineering team and having been a user of CAD since the 1980s I would be interested to see what is up and coming


Public release will take a few months unfortunately, hopefully by the end of summer we will be ready :slight_smile:


Thanks Istvan, I’ll put the time to good use learning and using the existing feature set to be better prepared. :relaxed:


Look forward to seeing it…