Something BIG is coming, and we can't wait to share it with you


Count me in.


Please count me in.


Be happy to be one of the beta testers


Count me in.


Please count me in! I would love to be part of the team!


Count me in also!


Count me in!


Count me in!


I’m here from reddit…

Count me in please!


Of course, just added you to the list :slight_smile:


please sign me up for the big news and beta! super excited to try it:)


Hi I saw your post on reddit and I use Shapr3d on my ipad pro 12.9. Please invite me to the beta when you find time. Thanks:)


Please count me in.


Count me in too.


COUNT. ME. IN! So excited!


Just joined the forum, just ordered the new iPad Pro 12.9 512 + Pencil, just bought first 3D printer and have a raft of projects on my roadmap. I came here from Sketchup and I am super excited about moving to Shapr3D. Please count me in for the Beta testing.


Count me in


Count me in


ok, so whats the latest on this upcoming update?!


We have released a closed beta.