Spline Tool

I have just downloaded Shapr3D. I can not get the Spline Tool to work.
I am keeping the pencil in contact with the screen and pressing and then releasing the pressure, but no joy. I just get a straight line.

Version 3.1.4

You can practice it in the interactive tutorial - “Redo the basics” - on “Learn” tab. Open it and scroll down to “Spline”

Ok, I have gone through the tutorial again. It’s no better. I have varied the amount of pressure that I use but I still just get a line.

Hmm, that’s interesting, can you post a video of it? Sorry for the frustration :frowning:

Here is a video of me trying to make a spline. Every time the free end of the line stops I press on the screen.

Or at least it would be if I was allowed to upload attachments.

Hi - can you try to uploading it again?
I’ve adjusted your user level so you can upload videos.

I found that adjusting Pencil sensitivity to Low helped. YMMV…




Hi, It is still blocking me.

I tried adjusting the pencil sensitivity. Could there be something wrong with my pencil?

Raised your level again - does it work now? If not, please send it to support@shapr3d.com

Hi, it is still blocking me. I have sent the file, ScreenRecording_05-02-2018 14-14-23, to the support email.

Ok - thanks. Will have a look now. Sorry about the process- will look into, what causes this upload problem.

No problem, thanks for your help.

You have to push down the Pencil with pressure to create a Spline point.


make sure to don’t lift the Pencil, just push down, and keep your Pencil on the screen, just as in this video:

Every time the free end of the line stops moving I pressed down, varying the pressure each time.

I had this happening a bit at first. I finally realized that I was not pushing hard enough. Are you hearing and feeling the click feedback for each point?

Hi Gerald, I have turned up the volume but i’m not hearing or feeling the click. I think that if I press any harder I’ll damage the ipad.

Which one do you have? a Logitec crayon or Apple Pencil?

Apple Pencil

This is admin question I realize but is your pencil charged - they do drain quite quickly.

Suggest you practice drawing lines with minimal pressure. Then, when you press and release the difference may be more likely to be sensed. Hope this helps?