Exporting for tool path

I’m having trouble exporting to be used for a water jet path. I exported file to sketch up to try and get the path that way but the model imported with issues.

Is there an easy way to get tool path off my model in Shapr ? It would seem to me there would be a simple feature that I’m missing ?

DWG/DXF export is already in beta, and will be relewsed soon, would that help? :slight_smile:

Yes! Is it possible for me to get the beta version?

Sure, you will receive an invite shortly.

The current beta does not contain DXF export, only import, but the next beta will. You can expect it today or tomorrow.

Thank you so much ! This will be invaluable as I love the program but desperately need tool paths. Can’t wait! Thanks again

Hi István,

Please add me to the beta DXF release. I am also looking for export for cnc - plasma cutting.



Sure thing, I will add you soon.

Got it, thanks! When loading the beta it says it will replace current shapr3d version and I may lose data, will that happen? Do I need to save the existing models elsewhere so they won’t be lost? If so, what is the best way to do that?


Well, the version you are testing is a beta version, meaning that it might contain bugs, that may result data loss. It is guaranteed that it won’t hurt any workspaces that you don’t open, so you may want to duplicate just those that you want to edit.

Hi! István, please can you add me to beta version? I want to export dxf 2d plasma cutting. Thank you!!

Szia! Yes, you will receive the invite soon.

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Thanks, that’s easy enough to work with.

I came to the forum with the same desire to export data for toolpaths. The dxf option sounds helpful. Can you please add me to the beta invite as well? I already have a subscription.

It’s already released, you can downlod it from the app store! :slight_smile:

Read the above and visited the App Store expecting an updated version of Shapr3D to be available.
Perhaps I have misunderstood?

The 3.17 is available in the App Store - which version are you seeing?

Normally when there are Updates to a Users Apps they are indicated by the Updates Link having a Numeral displaying to announce the availability.
As this did not exist, with previously or at the second visit typing in Shapr3D navigates to the appropriate App Store page. Again on both occasions the ‘status’ indicator there was Open, meaning it is already downloaded. Accessing the second level Shapr3d Information page the second time revealed the Update button.
I thought I was doing everything that Apple normally expects, however all is well now and doubtless the situation will normalise globally.