STEP export crashing 5.60 (2337)

I’m unable to export STEP from both iPad and Mac versions.
Also attempted on current visualizations beta (after export fix) and also no luck.

Crash reports submitted, but I’m curious if anyone else is having this issue… or if this is a problem with my design.

This issue has my work at a standstill at the moment.


Hi @NathanD, please send us the Shapr3D design, I’m gonna check it!

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@KPeter_Shapr3D the file size is too large to upload here, is there an email you’d like me to send it to?

Also, I’m curious if it has to do with G2 fillets/rollback corners. That seems like the only thing I did differently, since not being able to export the design.

G2 should not be an issue, but it is hard to tell without the model. Please send a cloud link to the model in a ticket, which helps us track the whole process.


@KPeter_Shapr3D thanks.

Ticket submitted, workspace is attached.

It appears it’s just this single design, my other designs are exporting to STEP without issue.

Got it, thanks!