Step file issue

Dear Friends,

I used shapr3d to make an assembled product and output to step files. And I use other CAD drawing viewer to open it, I can’t disasembled parts, it is only one whole part. Is it anything to do before output step file?

When I receive other people assembled product step file, I can separte them by CAD drawing viewer. Thanks

Hey @Derekwong,
If you want to save each items separately just switch on the Save Each 1st-Level Item Separately option in export settings.
Please make sure that you have your items on the first level on items panel. If your items are organised in folders, the content of the given folder will be saved together.
If you want to save an item separately you can use Isolate mode to Isolate, then save to STEP format. If Include Hidden Items option is turned off in export settings only the isolated item/items will be saved.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks! Acutally I want to show the assembled product. People know how to assemble it. I dont want to separate them in differnet step files. Right now, when I convert to step file, it will merge all parts together in one piece.

Hey @Derekwong,

If you export the assembled product as a STEP it will still contain all parts separately just as you want it.
Please check the parts of the step file when imported. Which CAD drawing viewer do you use?