Exporting an isolated object

as the subject states…why can’t we?! I work on many drawing that contain multiple items. right now the only way to export one part only is to duplicate the entire shapr file, then delete everything else leaving just the one part I want to export. If it’s already in isolate mode, your visual queue has already isolated just the context of that one part. so why can’t it be exported stand alone. this would be a MASSIVE time saver!

What export format are you using?

ANY format shapr step none work! Export always takes ALL in the drawing isoloated or not

just tested it again…shapr file export definitely pulls everything NOT just the isolated item
(at least in the Windows version)

Hey ptegler!
Currently .shapr format is designed to save every item.
If you want to export isolated 3D objects separately, please select x_t (parasolid, recommended), step or iges formats with “include hidden items” - OFF setting.

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