STL export has spooky geometry issue

I don’t want this post to come off as too sour, so let me first say that shapr3d is amazing and I love it. Thanks to everybody working on it, for sure.

I’m currently using shapr for some prototyping. I’ve designed the top of an enclosure with some simple snap-latches on either side. The issue is that when the STL is exported for printing, somehow there’s extra geometry added! I’ve attached an image of what the STL looks like staged in Makerbot’s printing software – you can see that the bottom tab has a large piece of mesh over the top of it, as if a rect were extruded from the top. I’ve tried re-exporting the file, as well as examining it with different software (Blender) just to make sure the problem wasn’t with makerbot.

What gives? Is this a known issue?

For reference, here is what the model looks in shapr3d:

No, that’s not a known issue. If you have the pro, can you export it to .shapr format? That’s really weird, never seen anything like that before.

Or can you share the STL?

Sure. Here are links to the .shapr file and the low-quality .stl

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The object you see there is actually present in the .Shapr file, just hidden in a group. That’s why you see it in the exported file :slight_smile: Just delete that group, and export the object.

Doh! Since I wasn’t using groups I didn’t even think to check on that. Thanks for your help :smiley:

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