STL quality settings

How can I adjust angular resolution for the STL export?

Hi @vstelegin, you can find it on the Export STL popup. There is a Resolution toggle, where the rightmost option is the Custom that lets you set deviation and angular tolerances.

Thanks @KPeter_Shapr3D
But when I hit export, it takes me directly to Save As dialogue window

You are using the Windows version.
The Windows version is currently very limited in terms of functionality and cannot be compared with the IOS version.

Is it same on Mac OS, or better? I love Shapr3d still, hopefully export settings will get some update soon.

I don’t know the Mac version.
There is also no public roadmap on what the developers are currently working on.
My current opinion is this:
They prefer to develop new things instead of completing the existing one.

Hi Pascal, I am sorry to hear that you feel like that. However our goal with Shapr3D for Windows is to get to feature parity with the other platforms as quickly as possible. While a few things are missing, we are 95% there already, and will get to 100% very soon.

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I understand your side too.
We will see in January whether the missing important things are available in the Windows version as well as partly in the IOS version.
You know my list: =)
Only then can I argue in business terms that Shapr3D can be used “effectively” as an official tool for simple constructions and to distribute decent dimensioned drawings in the workshop.

Certainoy not all of the features you asked for will be available in January, but the Windows app will be feature par with the iPad and macOS apps very soon. But as we are releasing new features and updates every two weeks, you can expect us to catch up quickly.

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