STL Export Low resolution Settings

I use Shapr3D as a Hobbyist and I am using the free version. However recently when I export a project to a STL. I feel as if the polygon count /resolution was lowered than previously. It’s hard to tell if my models are just a bit more complex with curves. Even though It is a small piece.
I absolutely love this software it is my first CAD software that I decided to learn. I just can’t justify the price since I only use it for small 3D printing projects. My actual question is. Has the Low Resolution Setting for exporting STL’s changed in a recent update?
Thank you for the great app!

Hello, thank you for your kind feedback.
We did not change the STL resolution export settings for any of the recently released updates, at least not for the past 6 months. Maybe you can further try adjusting the scaling in the slicer app.

Thank you for the quick reply. I’ll try that.

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Well I ran into this problem again. I made a simple base for a rotating platform. essentially just a bunch of cylinders. However I ran into a problem after exporting it to STL. I loaded it in my slicer (Cura 4.1) and Some of the curves are now flat edges. See the images below. Am I just screwed since Im not a pro user?
As I stated in a previous post I am a hobbiest so I cant really justify the annual price. And the monthly price is again hard to justify for my needs. But I love using this app. It’s tough that there isn’t a non commercial use license to purchase that is more reasonable. Something that can grant access to around 10 design spaces and High res STL exporting.

Here is the model in shapr

Hi - in the free version we only offer low-quality STL - this is how it should look.