Decreased quality of low export with new update


Hi Mirko,

Yes, you are right. Earlier there were 4 options for STL export resolution level:

  • Low (Free),
  • Medium (Free)
  • High (Pro)
  • Custom (Pro)

With the latest update, we have removed the Medium (Free) option, so the default STL resolution for FREE users is now Low.

This is in accordance to our goals that the quality of STL export in the FREE version should be clearly distinguishable from that of the PRO version. Earlier, for some parts of certain types of geometries - typically boxy objects with fillets, like the one in your screenshot too - the quality of the Medium (Free) level STL export was just not too different from that of the High (Pro) level STL export.

Please see the illustration below:


That’s why we needed to remove the Medium (Free) level STL export. We understand that it might be noticeable for our FREE user base, as you pointed out. I hope you understand that we can only provide the FREE version of Shapr3D as long as we can clarify the value of our PRO product to our customers.



Sure, this is totally understandable from your point of view, and I understand it
But for users this is not cool at all.

Thumbs down guys :-1:

Agreed. It’s understandable, but also not nice for us users. What’s the likelihood of a mid tier subscription model that gives back the mid tier export and some additional workspaces? The pro version is just too expensive for a hobby.

Also, may I suggest updating the FAQ? I thought it was a bug until I noticed this thread.


What Tenaki said!

Very disapointed with this, totally understand that not every capability can be in the FREE version. However the cost of the pro level is prohibitive for a causal hobbyist. More than twice the cost of Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop on mobile and desktop computer combined!
Would be happy to pay for a mid tier version of Shapr3D, but seriously looking towards Umake now, or just do napkin style sketches on the ipad and bite the bullet and learn the free Autodesk Fusion360 on the desktop. That said a Autodesk replacement for 123D design must surely be in the works?

Struggling to see the Shapr3D business case for this change, are there really a sustainable PRO level user group?


They see the added value from piggy backing off apples ui beauty. Whilst letting you sit in a comfy chair. Great their a market first but no doubt many a developer is getting around the lack of a mouse input. How many people using the free version will ever have the intention to build their designs with more than hand tools or a hobbyist 3d printer? If you want to corner the market you make sure everyone is using it and to do that you have to make it affordable at a base level and cream your top margin. Gone are the days of turning a blind eye to every uni leaver that torrented the software they’ve been taught on until they find a placement in the industry where work will then pick up the tab.
Christ even make it a one off payment and it might be more appealing?

99% of people using the free version are using it for their little 3d printer; Make a slicer that can’t export, do some lame compatibility check with the printer it’s going to. Have it to a high quality BUT limit layer height to .3
Making a free version of modelling software that is so low quality you can’t export anything round is ludicrous.

I totally agree, this could be a huge influencer and gain wide spread support if there was a tier that supports the sub $300 printer users.
The present free version is no more than demo-ware and there is multiple threads about how people are turning to F360 which is a far inferior product for this end of the market.
I see this as an opportunity missed for fears of cannibalizing their market, but in the end they are just driving F360 to canniblize potential users that will never get to push the product forward.

I am a bit amazed by these comments…after all, you’ve all bought into Apples excellent but weird kit, extortionate but brilliant pen included… and then you whinge about a revolutionary app charging you for the pleasure.

Obv I would be delighted if it were free or if I could download a copy vis a vis the college days, but I’m very aware how privileged we all are. Sub £300? There’s loads of people looking for sub £3, and not just in Vietnam and DRC.

When you’re at work, I assume you do it for free, don’t you?


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Not really saying free, free is fine as it is if you add a new tier.

I am saying there could be another tier that allows non-free but non-professional users, say $50 a year for STL support only.

I personally bought the complete package, cause I spend loads on printers and software etc to support systems where I feel value, its just I aint the market.

The pen killed me, in the uk they charge £120, the 20 being VAT, which they don’t pay in full!
It’s hard to compare the associated cost between apps and hardware especially when you don’t have one without the other. I didn’t buy a 12.9 pain of glass to read the news off, if thats not £900 spent to play with shapr3d polygons the £120 f*ing is! Make an annual .stl tier, milk the tier! Or tinkercad’s tech might creep out of the last millennium before your sales technique =). Adobe used to torrent their own product, what a brilliant mechanism to achieve a global footing whilst not making disgruntled customers.