STL to drawing

This is a javascript app prototype I’ve been working on for a while now, and just getting back to it. I need it for some laser engraving projects I need to do. As a demo, I grabbed a random STL off Thingiverse and drag and dropped it into the stl2dxf app. It finds the edges and generates a 2D DXF (or configurable for SVG output too). Then, it sends the file to Shapr3D so I can use that as a starting point.

It can also produce a 3D line view, see the end of video. I am unsure how to bring that into directly shapr3D yet).

I wish Shapr3D had this feature built-in directly.

Here is the resulting dxf file.

Demo of the app in action:

I have a second version of this app that is essentially a slicer but instead of outputing GCode it outputs dxf files and passed increments of Z-height. It is so I can draw this sort of thing as a 3d object directly and then export the layers to put on the CNC (still theory since I’ve only used to to help capture drawing and not actually went directly to CNC yet… But that is the goal)


Awesome are you willing to share that ?

I am not opposed to it but currently it is pretty hard to use and I don’t want to support it since I only work on it in my little bits of free time.

I may throw it up on a web server as free, and “you get what you get” in the future.

I actually started writing it in response to many posts on this forum about how using STL type of file would not be usable. I had an idea in my head about it maybe usable so I built this as a prototype to demonstrate what I think would be a good way to approach the problem. It will a VERY cobbled together because I am in over my head on it.

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Here is a more challenging example from a 3D-scanned object. I randomly found on Thingiverse:

2D with Model

Extracted Drawing (it has a cute face. :slight_smile: ) )

Top View

Mesh and Drawing

DXF generation result (2.3 MB)

DXF Top View Generated (2.2 MB)

Original STL (2.5 MB)


Very cool tool and output …watching