Stuck and sticking

On TRANSFORM I’m trying to move and it’s gone extruded and stuck
Last half an hour … any clues please ?

It’s hard to tell what’s the problem from a picture. You can restart the app, and you won’t lose data, don’t worry.

Re start … how do I do this ?

Transform tool problem

Press the home button twice, and swipe up the app.

Hi i’m Really struggling eith this drawing now it’s stuck and won’t load



It should finish loading, even if it takes a lot of time. When it finished, can you share the workspace file in .shapr format? Then we can debug the issue.

Hi Istvan

Did you see the problem I have with the page not loading ?


Hi Carl,

would you be able to access these files by connecting your iPad to your Desktop computer, open iTunes and copy if from the Shapr3D there.

Here is a little help here:

Happy to take a look at the problem - we just need to see the files


It’s loaded and I have done what I needed to do :+1:t2:

Thanks for the contact …appreciate it


Hi Carl - good news.

If you ever run into a problem like this again, just send us the saved workspace(following the above method) to