Design wont open instead crashes the app

I was working on a design that was getting a bit complex. All of the sudden the app shutdown. I did all the typical troubleshooting (reloading the app, deleting the app and reinstalling, etc.) and now if I even click on the design the app attempts to load, but will crash. As complex as this is, I am sure it’s far from the most complex design. My iPad is 3rd gen iPad Pro running software 13.3.1. I need this design. At least I need to be able to alter it so it won’t crash, but I can’t even open it. Any ideas?

Hello - can you please export the workspace through iTunes: (Oh, I see this is not necessarily needed, as you probably have a backup)

Please send it to and we will take a look within 24 hours :slight_smile:


I have tried to find a file on my iPad for this sketch, but I have it nowhere. I cannot open the file to export it, and I’m not sure where the temporary file is located. I also went through apples service to export it through iTunes and can’t seem to do that either. What I do have is a screen recording of it, but that won’t help you try to duplicate the error on your end. I’ll attach it anyway.
MP4 Video file


Any idea on how I may get the file to you, or maybe we can do a screen share or something? Thanks,

He man ,wrong daniel here good luck with the good one!

Sure - let’s do a screenshare. Please send me an an email: and we’ll schedule something :slight_smile:

I have the same issue:(

Sorry to hear that, can you please contact us at