Trouble creating union then Subtract

Hi guys,

Pulling my hair out.

Trying to create a subtract (1 body from another).

Probably something simple I’m missing.

I’ve created a diamond mesh (geometry) with 5cm depth. Which I’m trying to SUBTRACT from another body (a block of wood/rectangle), to create the design.

But having trouble first of all UNIONising the bodies.

Can someone help?
It’s probably something simple but I just can’t find the tool…

Quick YouTube (better) description here…

Many thanks!!

If you still have the Sketch with the holes, you can simply extrude the holes inward.

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Or if you want to do it your original way, you could group the objects you wish to subtract into a folder, then subtract the whole folder from the main object.

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Have all the pieces you wish to subtract in a folder. When you do the subtract you can select the folder to subtract from.

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The bodies don’t intersect. What do you expect from the Union tool in this case?

Hey all,
Thanks for the help with the subtract tool. It’s worked well.

The more I got involved doing this, the more I considered that, in reality, if this asset was to the up on a videogame for example… All this extra geometry would be excess.

More efficient to use a texture image… but hey ho. At least it gave me experience with the subtract tool. Appreciate it.

In continuing my work I has another issue arise after using the intersect tool.

Long n short, it’s basically left an imprint mark on another body I have in my scene. And I’m wondering how I can clear that outline/imprint away? / Erase it?

Based on the video it seems like an edge of a body which can either be:

  • the edge of the beam
  • the edge of the body as a result of the intersection if you choose to keep originals in the options of the Intersect tool.

What happens if you move away the beam and the cubic shape, are there any remaining shapes?