Suggestion for quicker way to place objects

Is there a way that we can place an object in a location based on an assigned name?

I ask because a guy at work is using AutoCAD to draw a 2D version of the shelving units in the warehouse and creating blocks of each component that way we can theoretically play around with the arrangements before going down and physically moving them.

I want to one up this dude by doing the same idea here but in 3D so it can be projected in AR. In a nice way of course.

Could there be a way to save and specify different locations so when I select “Component A” I can assign it to “L-AC-03-1” and it’ll automatically insert itself.

It could work where after I model my objects I’m able to designate a connecting point that will pair itself with another connecting point like how the Translate tool works but I don’t have to move things manually. You still have to manually select those points as you would if using Translate but now you only have to select them once since you can name and save those points and enter a command to move them later.

For example, a little idea of the workflow would be like…

Select Object A
Assign Connecting Point A
Select Destination Object
Assign Location Point A
Assign Location Point B
Assign Location Point C
Select Object A
Move Object A to Location B
Select Object B
Move Object B to Location B
Select Object A
Move Object A to Location C
Project in AR
Show Manager
Get Approval

When using the Touchscreen instead of typing a command you can enter “Arrangement Mode” and just tap the Object and then the Location and assemble it all like a puzzle.

I think it would be a cool feature for planning and presenting layouts.

Right now my coworker is doing it basically by selecting the corner of the object and offsetting it in the X and Y direction enough for it to land where he wants.

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