Moving items accurately from point to point


I have read through other queries to try and find users raising a similar issue but not sure if I have found it. Anyway, I am struggling to move objects accurately between a chosen point on itself to another fixed point? Any help? (I have done all the beginners tutorials but the method shown seems not work anymore)

Many thanks !

Hi Ryan,

you can use it like this video depicts:

  1. Enter Transform/Translate/
  2. Select shapes.
  3. Give a starting and an ending point. Points snaps to edges, center points, etc

This support article can also help:

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Thanks for the swift reply Daniel! - just tried it, works great.

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Couple more questions-

  1. Can you save views?
  2. Group elements together, not for ‘layer purposes’ like making visible/invisible together, but so that you click on a 3D object and the entirety of it is selected in one click?



unfortunately both answers are No at this point. First one is on our roadmap, second is a bit more complex, but we have some selection and group/layer improvements in mind for 2019.