Why I quit

Shapr3D is great. An active community and an active Shapr3D team, for help and assistance. It feels ok. Also because of the user-friendly operation, and the effective tutorials.
Still I decided not to renew my subscription. Mainly because of the impossibility to save my work to a map at my device. I understand that this feature is not easy to develop, probably because of the history of the ‘making’ proces of a model that has to be saved.
Thanks for the help, to everyone.

Hi, what can you elaborate what you want to achieve with that? You can always export your designs in .shapr format and save it wherever you want.


Yes I know. Still this is a way of saving the work (via export) that I do not want. In the beginning it didn’t bother me, but it grew bigger, as an inconvenience.

I understand. Can you elaborate on why? And what you want to achieve with that workflow?

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I don’t want data on my C-disk (Wondows device). The C-disk is for apps/programs. I want to be able to decide where data are stored. regards, Aike

Is it the history of the design you want to save, or is it the design file? If it is the design, why not just save it in the design boxes, you can import, export, work, arrange files, etc. all within the app.