Suggestions to approach this shape?

I have a shape I’ve tried to make with a few approaches and so far I haven’t managed to make it. Attempting to explain…

Problem: I have a round rod that I’m designing a sleeve for in Shap3r. The idea is that the shape has a hole 1 mm larger than the rod. And there is a plastic tab which is wedged into another hole where a screw goes. The more the screw goes in causes the tab to push into the hole to grip the rod.

In the screenshot I used a hexagon with an arch shape to project cutout 3 sides to make a tab. But I can’t then make it wedge shaped on the inside edge.

Any suggestions how to achieve the desired result? I could make a wedge alone maybe and then boolean/merge it into the shape maybe?

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The planar side face of the tab can be used as a drawing plane to create the wedge shape on it. Then the cross-section can be swept around the arc of the tab and the shape is ready:

Is that what you were looking for?

I think he needs a taper on the exact opposite side of that tab. So when bolt goes in it applies force against the rod at the red arrow

Are you trying to make a the shape adjust/stop at different locations on the shaft or increase friction to control speed at which it slides on the shaft?

Hi, thanks for replies. Oregonerd is right in the first post. I don’t need any stops or other attributes. Just a gentle taper on the inside of the smaller hole. The larger hole will have a 1 mm rubber sheet around the hole which will tension the screw.

Ideal would be I could move the inside edge in my drawing to create the taper, yet maintain the roundness of the tab.