Shape design assistance - curved wedge and inverse

Hi everyone,

I am looking for some assistance creating a template and insert for a project I am working on. I want to create a curved wedge shape for an insert, and also a corresponding inverse template. The attached picture shows the two pieces that I want to create circled in red. Any pointers on how to get started with this would be greatly appreciated!


With the loft tool you can make the “bump”, you need the cross sections

@JST Thanks. I will play around with that. I was trying with the spline tool and was getting close, but not like this. Thanks again!

:+1:, with the guided loft at the top there are even more possibilities

@JST I think I got to what you showed initially. I need to figure out how to curve the flat top part some more. Not familiar with the guided loft so need to look into that more too. Maybe that will help. I should be able to use this object to subtract from the other piece I want to make to create the recessed curved area.

What i suggested is not work because will an edge on top at guide line.
Try more cross section …

Ok I understand. Thanks again for your help!

I think @JST is on the right track using Loft. Here’s a version. Note that your pic is a little blurry at the narrow end. The middle sketch is a copy of the right hand sketch. Anyway, you can adjust them to suit.

@TigerMike Thank you Mike. Adding the extra cross sections definitely helps. I haven’t played with the lofting yet, that will certainly be handy in the future.