Will Shapr3D run well on this?

Old iPad Pro

Any limitations?

I’m running a 2nd generation iPad Pro 12.9 :sunglasses:

How much RAM?


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4GB of Ram on mine…

Thank you so much!

Any delays while using a pencil? Do you use the latest Apple pencil?

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No issues what so ever and I use this iPad extensively…

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My pencil is 2018 also…

I wonder if you can still buy a 2018 pencil and if the latest Apple pencil will work?

Amazon or eBay…

I’m not familiar with the newer pencil yet…

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Same as @Romulus369, I too have a 2018 iPad Pro with the 1st gen Pencil. Shapr3D performs just fine!
The 2nd gen Pencil will not work with the 2018 iPad Pro (my understanding).

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Thank you, Mike!

I’m on an 2016 iPad Pro 9.7” with its original Apple Pencil. Occasionally when working with crazy geometries it will take a moment to think but I have not had any real prohibitive issues.

I look forward to upgrading to an 12.9” M1 Pro at some point. That extra screen space will be niiiice.