Sweep problem

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  1. I’m following the motorcycle handlebar, part 2 tutorial. It’s a basic loft problem. After making the profiles as tangent to the spline as possible (visually, zoomed in), then clicking on the profiles, one by one, the result is a loft that doesn’t quite follow the spline. The tutorial says if that happens, click the spline. When I do that, the loft disappears. I’ve tried several variations, including selecting the spline first, then the profiles; same result. See screenshots.
    Likely issue: profiles are not actually tangent to the spline? I have tried to make the profiles coincident with the spline, but I can’t make that happen.
  2. I am trying to design a product that needs a tool like Loft, but the spline needs to be adjustable in 2 planes, similar to the handlebars in this sculpture by Picasso. The loft in the tutorial has only three points, but I am not able to select any point to move it in a given plane without the other two points moving as well. I have tried locking the points I do not want to move, but that has not worked. So the big question I have is how do I make a loft that is maneuverable in two planes?
    I tried creating a simple spine, instead of a loft (see screenshots): same issue, I cannot lock some points while selecting and trying to move the other points off of the plane the spline was created on.
  3. What is the little snowboard shape with the hieroglyphics inside it (lower right corner of the screen) for? I recognize most of the symbols: backspace, option, shift, command, etc., but I have no idea what is for…
    I realize this is a lot of questions; I appreciate help on any of the topics. Thanks!
    Handlebar loft 1
    Handlebar loft 2