Align Sketch to Spline

I am trying to figure out if I can align several different sketches to a spline where the spline would serve as the backbone and the sketches would be lofted together along the spline.

Is this possible? How would I accomplish this?

I’ve made this handle, which I like, but due to width limitations and the way extrusion works, I cannot round the corners enough to meet my end-goal. I keep getting a tangent propogation error. I did this drawing in onshape, but I’m running into the same issue in Shapr3D.

The profile I’m trying to accomplish is something like this:

Thanks in advance!

Maybe these will help to better visualize what I’m trying to accomplish.

Have you tried Sweep in sections instead of Loft?

Maybe this tutorial helps:

I have not, but I will, thanks for the suggestion.

Very helpful, thanks!

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