Sweep Tool Possible Issue - Knife Blade

I am modeling a knife blade. The basic sketch is on the botttom. The blue cube is just for position reference. Used the Sweep tool with a small trapezoidal sketch to provide the bevel on the knife (angled sharp part). From R to L, This sweeps over a short line and then two splines. It worked as advertised but the joint at the end of the short line shows. I tried everything to delete this joint or to join the adjacent sections to no avail. How can I do this? Does it matter that the swept section includes the basic sketch? Shapr file encl. Thanks


Knife 2.shapr (456 KB)

I kept plugging along and did the blade by adding the beveled part to the fixed thickness top part. You can still see the problem line mentioned above. Had the problem of removing the over-swept portion. Only idea I had here was to sketch the triangle representing the portion to be removed, extruding it up & down to be a body. Then I moved it to the final piece and Subtracted it. Crude but it worked!


This is a good learning example. Would appreciate any insight on a more elegant approach. My conclusion on a design approach is to build parts and join them vis a vis trying to remove parts of bodies. A Lego builder rather than a machinist!

Tomorrow, the challenge will be. The knife handle.

Thanks for your help. Shapr file encl FWIW.

Knife 3.shapr (676 KB)

BTW I have to ignore parts of your interface to do even simple work like this. For example in the SS above 1/12 “ is meaningless to me. It’s just a distraction. Never, ever in 60+ years have I ever measured anything to 1/12”! It simply does not exist on any common measuring stick/tape. 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 these all are meaningful. But because I am working in Decimal inches ( to be useful ) I need. the scale to read Decimal values of an inch whenever the primary grill drops to an inch or less in size.

Likewise I had to put the blue block to orient myself. Other than using Top/Bottom I really can’t use anything else as L/R are backwards vis a vis F/B as I would always have the Front of my design facing forward and R is where your right hand is when facing forward. On something this simple.the block will do. But for a more complex model, I need the orientation to match my reality to be useful.

Thanks for listening and your support.