Sync designs between Beta and "regular" apps?

Greetings. I’ve just installed the beta app on my mac, but when I opened the app, it didn’t bring up my designs. Any reason why?

That’s because the beta is a separate app with a separate cloud backend. We don’t want to risk the beta messing with your data. You can export from the live app in .shapr format, and import it to the beta.

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That makes perfect sense. I’ll do that. thanks for the help!

what will happen with the projects created in beta app? are you gonna migrate them to our accounts at the end? i tried to export a project i created in beta and import it in stable to make sure i won’t loose it but that’s not supported.

I’m guessing you’d need to export in x_t format and import that into stable. The Shapr project file format is likely to be incompatible between beta and stable.

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exporting in x_t did the trick thank you! but i think my question is still relevant, what will happen with the projects created in the beta cloud? will we need to export them one by one?

well, it was too early to celebrate because only bodies can be exported with x_t. i cannot migrate sketches only.

The beta app will stay a separate app with a separate backend. We’ll try to maximize compatibility of the beta with the live app.