Some bodies will cut through , others don’t

I sketched a design to cut through a ring design like in the tutorial and only parts of the sketch will ‘cut’ through. See image.

Hi - can you please the workspace to Will have a look?

Can you subtract them with the subtract tool?

No - I tried that. I am learning so likely a user error!! I will see if I can figure out how to send this to you at that email. Thanks!

Okay - I got all but one part to cut. I used the subtract tool - but had to do each one individually. The last piece I am getting an error “Boolean filed”


just take a lokk

Hi Sarah - yes. I’ve sent you a pic in email. The problem is with the circled part - it would create a non-manifold part, which we don’t allow.

Thank you :slight_smile: good. Learning experience. My email is bogged down by spam.

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