Testers wanted: we are refining the pencil interface


What is the difference between testing the app on my own and receiving a test-flight email ?


The current version in the TestFlight and the App Store is the same. But we usually upload beta versions to TestFlight (just like we did with the new Pencil stuff) to some users to gather feedback.


so latest versions comes out in the testflight and the one on app store
if you see that I would become helpful I will be glad


Sure, I would be happy to add you to TestFlight, but please consider that those builds are usually untested, and experimental.


yes sure
I had an experience in app feedback before with an Italian app developer (gianluca natalini) from ground zero you may search for an app called fingerGIS , that was my idea and he developed it once I told him about it


I have to say I am loving the new interface, finding it so much easier to do what I want.

Attached is a simple headphone cable tidy its embarrassingly simple but I am still getting used to the different methodology (far too used to Solidworks…)

But I love this app as I don’t have to lug around a MacBook Pro to do my CAD :stuck_out_tongue:

Would it be possible to be added to TestFlight to try future betas? Or is it a case by case selection? I am definitely hungry to help this app become better than the likes of Solidworks as I think that this type of user interface is futureproofed!