Important issue recommended for the PM,Istvan?


Hi everyone,I have a important recommend,it is we offen need drafts while molding,in the before we wrote on a paper,but now we have ipad pro and pencil,they are powerful ,no reason we still need a piece of paper.So we should add a function let users write on the blank of the workspace.It must be cool.How do You like it?


Personally I don’t think it would work for me. What I do now is screenshot the workspace and use the Markup feature of the iPad Pro. This way it is an image with all the comments and my workspace remains untouched. Works much the same way without interfering with the workspace and prevents any accidental changes to your model.

Another option is split screen with the notes app.

Just my thoughts.


Yes,MY primary issue is without a piece of paper




That’s one of the two methods I do it. I do this a lot when I try to design a gear. I typically will write all the angles needed, so I don’t have to do math on the fly or with a calculator. I find it helpful.

Now this may not be ideal with the smaller iPad Pro, but I am not sure.


I am not sure what you mean by painting on the surface directly? I use the color feature for things like that.


Interesting idea, but I think making a screenshot and writing on it with the native iOS features is just as good as it would be in the app.


I mean note on the surface ,looks like texture,tattoo or sth.


Got it. I am not sure that feature exists yet or if it is on the road map, I haven’t tried to do it or found the need for anything I have done at this time. But I can see where it would be useful.


I see what you mean. Texturing is not on our roadmap right now.