Testers wanted: we are refining the pencil interface


I would love to try the new method. Not the biggest fan of the old but I understand that there needs to be a mode shift between modifying and drawing. It will be interesting to see how you solve that problem.


Actually the new release is just on it’s way to the App Store, with the refined Pencil interface :slight_smile:


I would like it to snap to midpoint of lines, snap indicators, also would be nice to have inferencing. I guess what I really want is Sketchup Pro on iPad pro, but right now you are the only ones that have come close. John


The new pencil interface didn’t sit well with me at first, but it has grown on me. I feel more in control.


Just downloaded the new TestFlight version of Shapr. Much easier to switch between straight lines and curves - makes drawing circles much easier. I also find I need a little less pressure for extruding and filleting edges - feels a lot more natural. The introductory video on how to use the pencil and draw is a good idea. Good update! Andy


Is it too late to give it a try? I do a lot of my designing on main line and underground trains and the motions of the train often make it a little difficult with the press to draw method, would love to see how the new method compares?



Thanks for your interest NatLuc! The new version is actually in review now so it should be available on the App Store today :slight_smile:


You can download the new release from the App Store, that contains the new Pencil interaction. Hope you guys will like it.


Thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile: it eventually came through for me last night.

I have been using it while static at home and also on moving vehicles this morning and I am loving the new way of drawing!

Finding I have much more control and that it is a lot more intuitive.

Also loving the fix for closing arcs after they have been ‘released’ from the pencil lol, this was a pet peeve for me haha.

Will see what I can design with the new interface and maybe post some screenshots if they aren’t too embarrassing… :stuck_out_tongue:



Sure I want to share my experience directly as an architect
The app is very promising and I really want to get it another level

(Also I have a deep problem in inserting dimensions it keeps disappearing after new update)


What do you mean? If you enter a number the number label disappears?


Yes I just touch the label with pencil and it goes without revealing the keypad even if I selected it again it doesn’t budge


It doesn’t even highlight the label?


Can you try resyncing your Pencil and restarting you iPad?


Ok cool I will try to do so and tell you the result I achieved


didn’t work wtih me


OK, I will investigate this issue. We had some similar reports from others, but never been able to reproduce anything like that :expressionless:


all right I don’t know maybe it has some issue with screen resolution maybe ?
as I enabled the zoom feature … does this relate to it ? I may try


believe it or not … when I disabled the zoomed feature the keypad (set dimensions Feature) worked properly :smiley:
so please try to find out what made this relate to the app! you may try it , go to display and brightness and set the ipad to zoomed mode and you will find that the keypad doesn’t work after this ! so the temporary solution is to disable zoomed feature so it can go


This totally makes sense :expressionless: Probably that was the issue for others as well, thank you for reporting that, we would have never been able to figure this out! Thanks!