Text (Again!)

once again - Just so the developers don’t think we’ve forgotten about it - another plea for incorporation of text and numbers into the app.

Yet another frustrating experience of needing to incorporate labelling text into a design and not being able to easily do it.

I’ve tried all the workarounds suggested and yes they work but they are cumbersome, time consuming, require complex manipulations to select manipulate and move the text and then require projecting and extruding etc.

what is really sad and frustrating is the easiest workaround I’ve found is once the main design is done is to export/import it into TinkerCAD and then I can add whole text as a block to my design etc. Wow, that’s so frustrating having a free children’s app can perform a function that’s not available in this $400AUS per year professional app.

Please Please Please add text/numbers!


It baffles me that such a fundamental feature hasn’t been implemented at this point.

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