Text on Model

Hi, how can i get letters to put on my 3d model. Without designing a letter on the model? I either want to exdrude letters, or cut into , the model. On windows and ipad

Go to the App Store, and get “TextToDrawing”. It’s a few bucks. Then you create the text, then choose render. It will ask what app to use to render. Choose Shapr3D and the outline of the text will appear. You can scale it down in size. The extrude it.

Hi Tom thanx. Is it a windows or ipados app

Downloaded texttodrawing. Imported it. But how do i add it to and existing model

For example with projection.
However, this only works on flat or slightly curved surfaces.
Wrapping is not possible with Shapr3D.

Once you import it to Shapr3D, you extrude the text. Then select all of the text as a body, and move it to, or align it to the surface you want. Then you can either leave it as is, extrude it further, or recess it into the body.

Thanx. Did manage.